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4D Med Ltd. delivers software services for 250.000 USD

4D Med Ltd. a company to create innovative services for use in the virtual space (Virtual Reality) annouced today that it has closed a first service contract for software applications with Florida based company VR Care Ltd.. From this contract 4D Med will receive a total of 250.000 USD over the next weeks in several installments. Afterwards it is planned that 4D Med will receive ongoing payments by participating in all revenues which  VR Care Ltd. receives from installed applications

VR Care Ltd. is a service company that installs interconnections and virtual reality applications in retirement homes. 4D Med will acta s technology partner and developa prototoype application in the first step. VR Care is a new business concept that concentrates on older people and those in high maintenance. The vision ist the interconnection of the retirement homes so that the residents can be hosted permanently wireless through Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality applications can also be used for private purposes by the residents such as communication with nursing staff or family members or to use entertainment services or to communicate or meet for activities with other residents. This will not only result in an improved care situation but also in cognitive stimulation and improved moods by enhancing the contact frequency with other seniors and family members. 

Due to the fact that there are more and more older people and people in need of maintenance this sector ist o be seen as highly forward looking.4D Med therefore expcets a high growth potential so that this part of business can become a major revenue stream. Through the contract closed with VR Care, 4D Med establishes as a pioneer in a future market.

4D Med is an innovative medical device and medical software company that intends to design, patent and market a virtual reality operating syetem with integrated, customary haptic and position sensing interfaces fort he healthcare education research, software and medical device markets. This technology can be used, amongst others for learning and studying purposes in schools, universities or research centers to be marketed to medical students or medical professionals. The market potential is worldwide, especially in  Asia.

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